Government has no right to set me up – Edwin clark

Reactions trail invasion of the elder statesman residence.
An elder statesman and South-South figure, Edwin Clark, whose
Abuja residence was allegedly ransacked for two hours by the
order of the Inspector General of Police, IGP, Ibrahim Idris, on
Tuesday vowed that at 92, government and its agencies cannot
stop him from speaking his mind on national issues.
He said, “I have never one day thought about carrying gun, I have
been fighting for the unity of this country, if at the age of 92 years,
I am making statement, and they do not want me to talk, I will
continue to talk, which is the position”.
It was gathered that the armed policemen, who prevented people
from leaving the house while the search lasted, did not find any
weapon in the residence of the former Federal Commissioner for
The Police were said to have received information that the elder
statesman was stockpiling arms in his house on the basis of which
a search warrant was procured and the house invaded by
operatives on Tuesday.
National Chairman of Pan Niger Delta Forum, PANDEF, Idongesit
Nkanga, a retired Air Commodore, condemned the invasion and
resort to totalitarianism by government, demanding that the police
publish their findings immediately.
In a chat with newsmen immediately after the siege, Clark said, “I
have been Minister in this country, I have been a Senator in this
country and if by my age, I am nearing 92 years now, I will be
accused of stockpiling weapons in my house, it is too bad.
“The police came to my house, showed me the warrant and I said
go ahead. So they searched the house. They spent two hours and
even my secretary, who was on her way to the bank; they said they
must search her room and office, so we have to call her back from
the bank.
“She came, they searched, they said they want to search my wife’s
room, my wife is in Lagos, they said they will search her room, we
have to look for the keys and they searched, they found nothing.
“That is what happened today, that is the embarrassment they
wrote down that they found nothing, they signed and we signed. So
we have asked our lawyer to go and get the report”.
PANDEF chairman, in a telephone chat with newsmen said, “We
condemn in totality the action of the police while we are hopeful
that they will give us the result of the invasion. If they said they are
looking for arms and have found no arms, they should very quickly
apologize to him, the entire Nigeria and let us know why they have
brought us into this state of affairs.
“We criticize it in totality and it will not end here, the government
should stand up and start telling us whether we are in democracy
because what is happening now is not democracy again, this is
“Though the handwriting seemed to be on the wall before now
because we have been observing impunity, if we are going back
into military dictatorship, the government should let us know, that
is what we have also been crying about. Let them publish the
result of their invasion very quickly. If they do not do that, then
Nigerians will start to know what is ahead of them, this is not
Pereotubo Oweilaemi, leader, Ijaw Youth Council, IYC in a reaction
said: “Nigeria is gradually descending into a fully blown anarchy.
This is dangerous for our democracy. Nigeria is heading to the
“Relevant stakeholders need to rise in defence of our hard earned
democracy. President Buhari should call his overbearing security
agencies to order before they plunge the country into an
unmitigated crisis.
“There can be no democracy where there is no dissenting voice.
Mr. President should accept that our democracy cannot exist
without opposition elements to his government. Chief Clark, who is
an elder statesman, his views on national issues need to be
appreciated by the government of the day instead of being witch

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