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Government must stay away from ethnic politics

Leader of the Oodua Defence Assembly (ODA) Chief Raheem Awayewaserere has warned the Federal Government to desist from politics of ethnicity to forestall the nation from returning to the ‘old days of regional militancy’.

He additionally urged leaders and the federal government to eschew ethnic clashes and suspicions in order that Nigeria can develop.

Awayewaserere made the decision on the month-to-month gathering of the group in Egan, Lagos. He additionally spoke on why the group left the principle Oodua People’s Congress (OPC).

He stated: “We all know what is going on, significantly with the inter-tribal killings. We have held conferences with our royal fathers on this, and we implore them to make sure there’s peace in the home of Oodua as a result of charity begins at residence. It is when the house is in unity that we will collectively speak or act daring.

“Be it Afenifere, Yoruba Elders’ Forum and others, peace must be paramount. As younger as I used to be; I used to be in Agbekoya. I used to be in NADECO. It was throughout NADECO years that we shaped OPC. It was the late Gen. Adebayo who introduced me into NADECO.

“We are supposed to live as one. God did not create us differently. He gave us everything equally, except in some exceptional cases. So why do we engage in politics of ethnicity? In this era where our children are inter-marrying? In this generation where white marry black and black marry white? “We should think deep and depart from all those things which make the western world mock us.”

On requires regional police, Awayewaserere stated: “My take is that our leaders and elders should come together and give verve to the agitation for the creation of regional police. After all, there is Sharia law and courts in the north. If they have something like that, nothing stops us from having ours too. No one can know a terrain more than the natives. I think it is the best. If endorsed and it sees the light of day, we shall be willing to work with them.”

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