Habits of happy and productive women

Happiness should be a way of life and not just a state of mind. Regardless of what is happening in your life, finding reasons to be happy and in good spirits goes a long way in making you more productive and also passing that feel-good vibe to others around you.
They make me-time a priority
Managing your home and work inclusive doesn’t hinder you from carving out some minutes just for yourself. During this time you can choose to meditate, take a long bubble bath or just lie on your bed alone with your thoughts and feelings.
Happy women explore their creative side
Creativity is an art happy women embrace because it gives them the opportunity to nurture their creative spirit, get away from the noise and stress out there and just throw themselves into making art with their hands.
They learn from their mistakes
Happy women believe making mistakes only make them do better next time they try, so they don’t get too hard on themselves over every single mistake; they embrace their mistakes, learn from it and in the process kick their personal growth up a notch.
Happy women are appreciative
Having a sense of gratitude even for the most insignificant things in their life gives them something to focus on and be grateful when they are at their weakest or lowest point in life.

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