Happening now: Benue youth protesting over the recent herdsmen killing, want all Hausa/Fulani's out of the state

Benue youth are angry on the recent killing of their brothers by the Fulani herdsmen, It was recorded that about 3000 people in Benue have been murdered by the Fulani herdsmen and though they Government of Benue state have been complaining to the Federal Government to seek for a lasting solution to the illegal killings of their people in Benue, but the government is mute on the issue,and people are begining to believe the government of BUHARI and APC is behind the recent killings.

BUHARI on the other hand has criticize the recent killing in Benue where two priest Lost their life’s. This is not enough, we are not happy and will take action on our own, we will enforce the law by ourselves, a youth in Benue assasserted in relation to the president condemnation of the recent killing, The citizens of Benue went ahead and mounted road blocks on major road and where protesting while tires where born everywhere as they revolt.

This is just the begining is what they are singing in there protest message. More update coming

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  1. Nice post

  2. Can there be peace in this country

  3. Kill them sef

  4. Ok

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