Motherhood is one of those journeys you never really appreciate until you step into the role. The sacrifices and everything in between takes on a whole new meaning when you actually become a mother. It’s a rigourous but rewarding journey and requires all the grace to do the best job you possibly can. It calls for sowing seeds day and night and watering those seeds, believing God that the harvest will be bountiful. It is hoping that like the Proverbs 31 woman, you indeed laugh at the future watching your children grow up and live a life worthy of the gospel of Christ!
My mother means the world to me. No one else comes close! Her input into my life has shaped me into the woman, wife and mother that I am today. People may not value the time and energy a mother invests in her children but I don’t need anyone to validate the most important assignment God has given to me. It is a high and holy calling. Don’t downplay how significant you are! You are invaluable. You can’t pass value to your children if you don’t see yourself as invaluable in God’s sight.
Be the affirmation your children need. Be the teacher. Be the one who encourages their faith! Every day, deliberately spend some quality time with them, investing particularly into their spiritual lives. The more I just hang out with my children, the more beautiful they are to me! Ah… motherhood! It’s a sweet journey; nothing else comes close to it. If you feel your husband/their father is not living up to his role, don’t let that stop you from giving your best; they will rise and bless you for it! You may feel as if your input is not yet showing, don’t let that deter you. Keep praying for your children and in no time, you’ll see them align.
You may have come from a home without a mother or perhaps your mother didn’t know better. Learn from that and be determined to do better for your children. If you genuinely don’t know what to do, seek the counsel you need! I’m praying for anyone who desires this beautiful role of motherhood, may the Lord grant your desires in Jesus


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