Hausa’s has done more damages to yoruba’s in Nigeria

It’s painfull today that we the Yorubas have finally forgetten what
the hausa has being doing to us in the history of Nigeria and were
do you want me start bcs is it from Late Dele Giwa or Gen Oladipo
Diya and were will i start because instead for us to fight how we
can liberate ourselves as Biafra is doing from this one Nigeria and
we are blaming Biafrans forgetten that we can’t stay with hausa in
future when the time comes because today olusegun Obasanjo as
called by OBJ has forget his past expriences with the Abacha
regim or our late hero MKO Abiola and Banbagida elections/regim
and i’m not talking of the election our late hero obafemi awolowo
which he successfuly win and the same olusegun Obasanjo denied
to give Yorubas power and return it back to the hausa and do we
the Yorubas think that the sword of the hausa has depart from our
houses and for me and my generations as a Yoruba man i support
Biafra because nobody from the eastern part of Nigeria called
Biafra has done any bad thing to we the Yorubas and let us
remember that it’s this same Biafrans that freed obafemi awolowo
from Calabar prison to come out and declear oduduwa republic
when he was jailed by the same hausa and then why can’t we
Yorubas reason as human being and stop to be criticizing Biafrans
and allow them to go because the hausas will still deal with us the
Yorubas tomorrow and it’s seems that we they Yorubas are now
the fools in Nigeria. We they Yorubas are under Mess and it seems
as if we are betraying ourselves daily in Nigeria and let us be
straight forward to ourselves and forget this oil and gas that is in
the Eastern part of Nigeria to support Biafra for their freedom and
also for our own freedom too and let us ask ourselves why our late
hero Obafemi Awolowo said that we should allow him to rule
Nigeria for 24 hours? because Chief Obafemi Awolowo wanted to
divide Nigeria when he realise and understand his past mistake in
1960 and that is why he cried that Nigeria should allow him to rule
even for a day. Yorubas make we shine our eyes.

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