Having twins made me a more relaxed parent revealed

When you watchtwo kids grow up at the same time, it makes you less concerned about benchmarks. Each of them had different talents and
struggles. He could do all the physical stuff first. We had to put a
net on the crib because he was always climbing out. He could
swim first. He learned to ride a bike several years earlier than her.

But she was potty trained first. She was reading by the age of
three. And she was much better at drawing pictures– her fire
trucks always had four wheels, and his were just red scribbles.

If I’d only had one child, I’d probably have been obsessing over these
talents and struggles. I think every parent needs to feel like their
child is special. But twins made me realize that all children grow
differently. And it’s absurd to rank and classify them at such a
young age.

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