Healing from toxic relationships from close family members

There is a very popular yet dangerous belief attached to toxic relationships and that is “our families and close friends cannot be toxic to us.” But rather what we experience is ‘tough love’. But that is not true, a lot of family members including parents and siblings can be very toxic to us and those kinds of relationships are more difficult to deal with or heal from.
Some family members can be manipulative, verbally or emotionally abusive, sexually abusive and physically abusive; and if your family or friends are toxic in any way, the first step towards healing is by distancing yourself from them and reducing contact as much as possible.
You can also confront them if you feel like they are not being aware that they are hurting you. But you need to learn that no relationship that is toxic is worth keeping. However, if you are finding it difficult to take a major step, reduce the number of times you spent in their company and try to talk to someone you think might understand and that is much easier than done.
I hope you find a way to heal from the toxicity of your loved ones.

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