Healthy expectations to have in a relationship (1)

I was hanging out with friends a few days ago and like most young people, we were completely overwhelmed in a conversation about relationships and marriage.
One of my friends said something that got my attention. He said that since people can always disappoint you, it is best not to have expectations of your partner but I disagree. What is the point of dating you if I am not expecting something from you? At the same time, don’t act as if he owes you everything. So how do you strike the balance?
1. He has flaws
I think it is really important that I begin here. Inasmuch as I am encouraging you to have expectations, first and foremost remember that he is neither superhuman nor psychic so he will make mistakes and he won’t miraculously know what you need per time.
2. He is meant to have your back
Well, what else is he there for? The same way you are meant to support him and be loyal is the same way he should rise up to the occasion and be there for you, both in your presence and absence.
3. He has to fulfill your needs, not desires
This begins from knowing what your needs and desires are. Then, it would be wrong to expect him to fulfill every whim you have (desires). This is not to say that if it is within his capacity to fulfill them he shouldn’t but don’t belabour things. Basic things like being understanding, faithful, respectful etc. are needs that you shouldn’t compromise on.
4. He should take responsibility
A sign of a mature man (or person) is that he takes responsibility for his actions. He messed up? He apologizes. You have a right to expect that.
5. Communication
The lines of communication should always remain open, no matter what happens. This is an expectation you should have.


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