Hidden secrets you need to know about Peter Obi and Atiku-ISWB

I think we are making some progress, a few months ago IPOB
would never endorse a Fulani as their presidential candidate.
Thank God the emergence of Peter Obi as Vice Presidential
candidate in the Zoo is beginning to change the narratives.
Unity of all the people of the country is good but when campaigns
for election start in earnest, the candidates will move across parts
of the country to canvass for votes. I wonder what Obi will tell the
Northern people especially the Hausa and Nupe Muslim
community why as a governor in Anambra he decided to
discriminate against them by demolishing their markets, like the
Northern Goat dealers Market, Arewa Park, Arewa Onion Dealers
Park etc.
When he goes to Yorubaland he will have to explain a similar action
too at Osogbo Park, Akure Park and Ilorin Park.
These parks at Bridge Head had been in existence since 1977 but
he decided to demolish them in an attempt to force non-indigenes
surrender their businesses to indigenes.
As a popular and influential trader himself in Onitsha he instigated
people not to lease or sell their land to non indigenes.
The Sultan Sa’ad Abubakar and Etsu Nupe together with the GOC
82 Division personally visited and pleaded with him to give them
time to look for alternative places but he refused. The demolition
of all their business structures and six Mosques were carried out.
Many of them had to relocate back to the North.
A lot of the people of Yoruba community especially the kolanut
dealers had to leave too.
There is another person who tried to intervene, a certain Minister
of National Planning from North West. He was a deputy governor
in CBN. One Yoruba Muslim cleric who leads prayer at Uga Street
Mosque, Fegge area in Onitsha was in Mecca performing lesser
Hajj and was in the same company with the then Minister of
National Planning, he was complaining bitterly about the
discriminative stand Obi was taking around that time especially to
the Northern and Western people . Fortunately the Minister knows
Obi very, he had to put a call across to him, he pleaded on him to
temper justice with mercy, he never did, it was alleged that he (Obi)
went ahead to report him to GEJ. What he told the President,
nobody knew but people reported that he instigated his sack from
office and boasted about it later , saying : we are in charge, this is
our time.
It will be hard selling Obi as a unifying factor not only to the North
but even to the South West, we all will remember how he instigated
hatred against Yoruba people by sensationalizing Fashola’s
innocent action when he repatriated rehabilitated beggars on the
street of Lagos and handed them over to their various state
governments. There are more beggars of Northern origin in Lagos
who were sent home than there are from the South East, not a
single Northern Governor accused Fashola of any discrimination or
incited hatred against Yoruba people. Obi’s hatred hype that time
made APGA to adopt the slogan:
“APGA Bú Nké Ányi, Party Ndi Igbo” meaning APGA is our own, the
Igbo Party.
When you are in politics seeking public office, people will not look
at the length of your CV, the schools you attended etc, they will be
more concerned with your antecedents. It will interest all to note
that Obi had no degree from any of the ivy institutions. He only
attended short courses and seminars.
This is the time people will remind you about your past. Atiku and
Obi’s past are not lost in our memories.


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