Hidden truth between Buhari, Osibanjo, Saraki and Daura saga

If you believe that the President was aware of Daura’s sack, then
you are correct. If you believed that he was very comfortable in
doing it, then you must still be “Dreaming in Neverland”. Buhari had
no other option but to let him cousin go, else he would have gone.
This is the real story.
No one can really be sure, and tell us why NASS was invaded by
hooded DSS, some said that Saraki invited them to whip up
sympathy from Nigerians. Another are saying that he was invited
by President Mohammadu Buhari to frustrate PDP lawmakers
from gaining access into NASS, so that the few APC lawmakers
can gain entrance and impeach Saraki. Mind you, Akpabio has
already resigned as minority leader, positioning himself as the next
Senate President. That guy messed up though.
The above is just to drop indices, now below is the reason why
Daura became the sacrificial lamb. Let’s go, stay with me please.
VP “Osibande”, sorry Osibanjo was never in the know about what
was to go down yesterday, just like always. He is always at the
sidelines when it comes to issues like this and dramas of this
Osibanjo, was irritated after the plan went wrong at NASS, and
fumed after the UK got the wind of the drama, and was angry that
he was never consulted nor partook. He, therefore, called Daura to
Aso Villa, Daura feeling that the President was much in the know,
went there with his head high. “nothing dey happen”.
Immediately Daura met the VP, he was hit with so many questions
and summarily embarrassed by the VP, asking him why he will do
such a thing without his knowledge, and what/who/ gave him the
orders and why did he do it. Daura being very powerful and also
Buhari’s right-hand man bellowed back at the VP, insulted him and
almost walked out on him, telling him that he can go to hell, and
can never do anything about it.
Osibanjo was “So Vexed” that he immediately put a call to Buhari,
threatening to resign if Daura wasn’t sacked. he gave Buhari
20mins. else, he will watch his resignation live on CNN. Buhari
knowing that immediately the VP resigns, Saraki will become the
next President, he, therefore, called him back and told him to sack
Duara. Buhari knew that if Saraki becomes the acting President, he
will never be allowed back into Nigeria.
Daura was sacked to save Buhari’s head, and the President was
so much in the know because he “WAS BETWEEN THE DEVIL AND
THE DEEP BLUE SEA”. Osibanjo does not have the “agbakara’ to
solely sack the former DSS helmsman. We know what happened
that led to what happened.
The cabal has been demystified by the sack of their Drone Agent
d’tour Lawal Daura. Daura was not a mole in this government but
a hawk and a hatchet man for APC. Oshiomole gave the order but
Daura failed to clear with Ag President and that was his undoing.
There’s serious tension in the villa because Daura is the
arrowhead for 2019 elections plan. The north cannot use this new
Ag Dss head optimally. Reinstating Daura at the risk of Tinubu and
osinbajo pulling out of alcohol is the new dilemma. The third in
command in Dss is one Delta guy. The fourth in rank is a Yoruba
man. So osinbajo has moved the cheese and put the north in
hyperbole and back to the drawing board. Very interesting game of
power in Nigeria.

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