Hold Military Responsible for Lopsided Political Structure – Akande

A former Interim National Chairman of the ruling All Progressives
Congress (APC), Chief Bisi Akande,on Saturday said successive
military governments in the country between 1966 and 1999 are
responsible for the current lopsided political structure in the
Akande in a lecture “Devolution of Powers and National
Restructuring” he delivered at the APC-USA Second Annual
Convention in Washington DC, United States of America,said the
various military regimes created states and local governments
solely for selfish reasons rather than through any scientific
political reasoning.
The effects of those decisions on the country and the citizens now
necessitate a restructuring,he said.
The former Osun State governor said the military might have
inequitably created more local governments per population per
state in the North than in the South, thus giving the North an unfair
advantage in revenue allocation from the national treasury.
Akande, who is also a former governor of Osun State, said that the
restructuring being canvassed would ensure “equitable
rearrangement and redistribution of the existing states and local
governments per population within the various ethnic
The former APC chairman, however, admitted it would be politically
unwise to define the word equitable in such a way that it would be
easy to convince those enjoying the unfair advantage at present to
surrender such.
The former APC chairman also said constitutional amendments or
not, Nigerians have begun to see themselves as belonging to geo-
political zones-Northwest, Northeast, Northcentral, Southwest,
Southeast and South-south.
He said the Southwest, on its own, has evenmoved ahead to create
a Development Agenda Commission for Western Nigeria (DAWN)
to conduct research to generate advisory information for the
benefit of the each of the South-west state governments on
integrated development programmes.
According to him, as a first step, the people of these Southwestern
states are trying to key into the APC to back up the possibility of
their governments to speak with one political voice, using one
manifesto under one political party.
He recommended this initiative to other geo-political zones, saying
it is an experiment worthy of encouragement and emulation for the
strengthening of a federal political attitude towards physical and
social development within each zone.

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