As a Christian within you is contained the spirit of BRAVERY.
His name is the Holy spirit.
We are designed to operate from the spiritual to the physical not
the other way round.
If we must affect our environment then its
important we operate from the spiritual.
One biblical character that demonstrated this act of BRAVERY is
SAMSON, He did mighty things in the bible, he single handedly
slew a thousand men with a jawbone of an ass (Jud 15:15), He
pulled the gate of a nation, put it on his shoulder and travelled
miles long with it. (Jud 6:6) But guess what? He did none of those
with his strength he did it by the spirit.
Forget the drama of killing a thousand men and pulling a gate,
stick to the principle and that principle is that any man who is
filled with the spirit can be empowered to do things his ability
naturally does not provide for
, he can do things that can wow the
very eyes of men.
This is where the BRAVERY of the Christian ought to spring from.
Peter was not left out, he was an unlearned man, he couldn’t even
preach Jesus to a small girl, at best he denied Jesus 3 good times.
But guess what? In Acts 2 when the spirit came upon him, He
preached like never before, to the point where the people marvelled
at him and took note that he has been with Jesus.(Acts 4:13) He
been with Jesus was not in the flesh, it was Jesus in the Spirit (The
Holy spirit) the presence of the Holy spirit naturally rubbed off on
him, Peter took on the bravery of the spirit And it was so evident to
the eyes of all and sundry. That day he converted about 3000
persons, he raised the lame at the beautiful gate (Act 3) and many
more wonders he did. And again its wise to understand here that
He did none of this with his strength, it was with the strength of the
Peter took on the bravery of the spirit after his encounter in acts 2.
It is true that you will take on the nature of what you are close to.
Stay close to the place where akara is fried and the smell will rub
off on you whether you taste it or not.
You want to tackle everything you do with brilliant bravery? Then
fellowship with the Spirit, His nature will naturally rub off on you
and it will be seen in all you do.
This was how man was created to function.
Man was designed not to live by Education but by Revelation.
1. Fellowship with the Holy spirit: Remember the principle of
proximity? You take on the nature and fragrance of what you are
close to. The Holy spirit is the spirit of Power and Bravery.
Fellowshipping with him will confer strange bravery on you. It is
your relationship with him that unlocks his manifest nature on you.
2. Totally depend on the Spirit: You have to rip yourself off
everything you know and humbly depend on the counsel of the
spirit to tackle the issues of life. The Holy spirit functions better in
a submissive environment, not in a stubborn one. For your own
good, yield to him.
3. The word: It is the word that transforms your soul, The day you
were born again “Your spirit was saved, howbeit your soul is
undergoing renewal daily, it is yet to be saved. Its salvation comes
with the process of studying and applying the word. Despite the
Holy spirit withing you, if your mind is not renewed you will
function like every other human.
Lastly, you must be intentional about fellowshipping with the Holy
spirit, nothing happens for the christian except the Holy spirit is
engaged. He is the one who sustains your faith and bravery. As a
Christian it is an error to be afraid or timid.
BRAVERY is your Birth right.
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This message was an excerpt from Thursdays message (8th June)
by our lead pastor, PST Franklin Ojukwunze.
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