How about sending the hausa/fulanis out of Nigeria than leaving Nigeria for them, Nigeria is for us not for them-Tamuno Kena

I support emancipation. I support Oduduwa, Niger Delta, United
Middle Belt and Biafra Republics. I even support Arewa Republic.
What I do not support is the “secession” thing…
Whenever you say “we shall secede”, good as it is, it gives an
unconscious feeling of viewing the issue from a weak point. There
is a psychological effect of weakness. Psychologically, it shows
that the “secessionist” is somewhat weaker and almost afraid of a
greater or more powerful adversary. It confers a feeling of “The
Victim” on the secessionist!
Oduduwa region has some of the smartest people I have ever
known. They have a GDP of about 160 billion dollars with 38
million people. Great human and capital resources. The Lower
Eastlands and Biafra have a GDP in excess of 120 billion dollars.
With mineral, human and maritime resources that makes European
countries green with envy. A highly dynamic people that are as
smart as any in the world. The same thing for the Middle Belt.
The Arewa is nothing compared to any of these three regions. Who
ought to be seceding from who? Why should the smarter and better
regions be talking about seceding from Nigeria rather than saying
“we shall drive Nigeria out of our republics”?
The narrative that makes the stronger republics feel that they are
the weaker ones befuddles me! We are the ones that have the
goodies; if we want to do sovereignty, we ought not be talking of
secession as we ain’t weaker! We shall not secede; if they refuse
to be reasonable and allow us to build a formidable country
together as equal partners, we shall expel them from our
countries, The USA did not secede from England; they drove England out of the USA. This is the Land of our Forefathers; we are not seceding any; we shall drive them out and confer Araba on them! Unless they
choose to be reasonable! Expulsion is a better psychological motivation than secession.So quit talking secession; how about driving the hausas fulanis out of Nigeria.

Is it right for Federal Government to dialogue and compensate killer herdsmen and bandits?
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  1. How about not leaving and co existing together…if not,we can part ways each zone holding it’s territory

  2. hmm

  3. I which is that easy

  4. Ok

  5. True talk

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