How do i know he or she is the right partner for me

There are over 7 billion people on earth can we say that there is
only one person I can get married to?
What if I didn’t know all these things before I got married, did I
make a mistake?​
The questions are genuine, the concerns are real and I hope the
answers are equally helpful.
Before you can determine if a man or woman is the right person
for you, you first have to answer two questions:
The first question is: WHY DO I WANT TO GET MARRIED?​
The default answer from most intending couples is “we love
ourselves and we want to settle down”. This is quite superficial. It
shows a lot of thought has not gone into the process and a lot has
not been defined about the relationship. It is not everyone you love
that you cannot live without.
This question is critical for both partners. Some men want to
marry because they want a helping hand around the house. Some
want to marry because they want to clear the guilt of sexual sins.
Some want to marry because they are already pregnant for him.
Some marry because they want to raise children. Some because
they need someone who will foot the bills of their family. Some
marry to please their parents or keep an inheritance.
It is easy for a preacher to say these reasons are the wrong
reasons for marriage, but in real life it is a lot more complicated
than that. Yes, some reasons are better than others and some
people have a better start in marriage than others. But even for
those who started off with the mistake of an unwanted pregnancy
(which is clearly against God’s word) it is still not the end of a
good and happy marriage.
Every marriage can become GOOD AND PLEASANT even if your
spouse is an unbeliever. Every time you see a marriage where the
partners are not fulfilled please look beyond the issues of sexual
compatibility and poor communication – these are only symptoms
of the real problem.
If you want to help the couple, get them to sit down and define or
redefine the reason for the marriage. Any reason that they agree
on is fine in as much as they are both satisfied. Many heartbreaks
come as a result of broken expectations. These expectations may
not have been clearly defined from the outset. When expectations
are not tied to the reason of the marriage then what you get is
unequally yoke partners.


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