How fulanis are manipulating the north in rulling Nigeria—Bisi Akande

A former National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, APC,
Chief Bisi Akande, has stated that minority Fulani rulers are being
perceived to be manipulating the North to rule Nigeria since
He said that people understood minority Fulani rulers to be
manipulating the North to rule Nigeria through “Islamic emirate
system since two centuries ago.”
Akande said this while delivering a paper titled “Devolution of
Powers and National Restructuring” over the weekend at the APC-
USA Second Annual Convention in Washington DC.
The former Governor of Osun State also said restructuring was a
herculean task for all Nigerians.
According to Akande: “The North is a largely Hausa-speaking
people traditionally mix-bred and assimilated with and governed by
minority Fulani rulers through Islamic emirate system since two
centuries ago.
” The North has been amalgamated with the South in-law and in
fact since a century ago. And, presumably, the Fulani has been
perceived to be manipulating the North to rule Nigeria since
“Even if one does not like the minority Fulani rulers of the North for
being hegemonic in characteristics, can one separate them from
the original majority Hausa-speaking people of the same North?
“Unless one was ready for another civil war, could one ostracise
the whole North in the political considerations of the country.”
Akande said it was within that “context that some of them who
were not ready to wait for another civil war to effect a geo-political
restructuring of the country decided to go ahead with the APC
arrangement, while our opponents are left behind to assume a loud
coarse noise on mere sloganeering-restructuring- without any
clear definition or a peaceful workable strategy.”
The former APC chairman also said “constitutional amendments or
not, Nigerians have begun to see themselves as belonging to geo-
political zones-North-western, North-eastern, North-central, South-
western, South-eastern and South-southern zones.”
Akande insisted that the “South-west, on its own, had moved
further to create a Development Agenda Commission for Western
Nigeria, DAWN Commission, to conduct research to generate
pieces of advisory information for the benefit of the each of the
South-western state governments on integrated development
He stressed that as a “first step, the people of these South-western
states are trying to key into the APC to back up the possibility of
their governments to speak with one political voice, using one
manifesto under one political party.”
The APC chieftain recommended this initiative to other geo-political
zones, saying it was an “experiment worthy of encouragement and
emulation for the strengthening of a federal political attitude
towards physical and social development within each zone.

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