How I made her fall in love with me

I have pretty bad social anxiety. But I decided that I was going to
be more outgoing when I went to college. So I joined the Facebook
group for incoming freshmen, and I sent a generic ‘hey’ to
everyone. Almost everyone gave me a generic ‘hey’ back, but he
kept responding. Then he added me on Snapchat. He started
sending me selfies and I responded with pictures of my living
room. He wanted to FaceTime, but I hate seeing my own face in
the corner so we just talked on the phone instead. When school
finally started, we went out together with a group of people. We
didn’t make much eye contact but we did stand next to each other
the entire time. A month later we were in class and I was making
fun of him for not using soap when he washes his hands. And he
said: ‘If I use soap, will you date me?’ And I said ‘yes.’ So here we


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