A woman has made a shocking
revelation about how she acquired and
slept with a 5m snake to make some
more money.
A Zimbabwean woman from
Kuwadzana, has made a stunning
confessions in church and admitted to
acquiring and keeping a juju snake for
acquiring wealth.
According to H-Metro, the woman
confessed in front of other congregants
to keeping a big 5m long python which
was killed and burnt at a shrine during
Madzibaba Spenlodge ‘Magirazi’
Madenyika’s service in Kuwadzana 4
last Sunday.
The woman told the congregation that
she got a snake from a traditional healer
for her to be a sangoma (a
traditionalist) and acquire wealth. “I
went to a sangoma because I also wanted
to be a sangoma. When I was being
taught how to go about it.” she said.
According to the woman, this was the
beginning of problems in her life.
“This practice was never good to me
because that was the beginning of
problems in my life. Misfortunes became
the order of the day in the family. My
children and grandchildren lost their
jobs. From that period, there was nothing
we achieved. The snake I kept and slept
with, milked all our belongings and we
lost everything, when I say everything I
mean anything you can think of”.
“During the service, it was heard that her
grandson only identified as Dread
married more than four wives and they
could not withstand it as he was having
s*x with snakes. I was having marital
problems and I could not stay with wives
because of these snakes. The prayer from
Madzibaba helped me so much. I went to
Bulawayo searching for help but to no
avail. When I told one of the prophets in
Bulawayo about my problems, he charged
me and I could not raise the amount he
demanded. He confiscated my shoes and
took my mosquito net to settle the bill but
today Madzibaba Magirazi helped me for
free. Madzibaba Magirazi indicated that I
should bring my grandmother so that we
can be both delivered from these spirits
which were haunting the family. He
prayed for us and my grandmother
agreed to surrender the snakes,” said
Madzibaba Spenlodge and his church
members went to the woman’s place
where he demanded her to open the
wardrobe where the big snake was
lying. His prayer made the big snake
weak before it was put in the sack and
then later killed at the shrine. Revelers
who saw this big snake were astonished
upon seeing the ageing python.
“Nowadays people are acquiring wealth
through unscrupulous ways. We want to
thank Madzibaba for doing a great job
because we are now fearing for our lives.
He is directing people to the Lord and
praying for people without charging
them,” said one of the revelers before
continuing with their business.
In an interview, Madzibaba Spenlodge
said, “People should acknowledge the
presence of God in these trying times. I
can’t say much about this issue because
what we see we are not supposed to
discuss to anyone. We hear a lot of
personal problems and we help people
secretly rather than kissing and telling.
What I can only say is people should
seek the kingdom of God. Those with
problems and sick relatives should not
hesitate to bring them to me. Iri basa
takatumwa naMwari so we offer for
free”. He added, “People should not be
robbed by people who fake miracles and
healing. Prayer is the weapon to all
problems, they is no problem that can
surpass the power of prayer. The love of
money is the root of all evil.”


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