How i use cassava to cure cancer-Pereira

This is was my own experience, recovering from cancer by consuming cassava (tapioca or ubi kayu). Hopefully my experience will benefit many people. I had Stage 2 bladder cancer. After seven years suffering from cancer in the urethra, my kidneys, urethra and part of the bladder had to be removed. After that I had to undergo radiation in the abdomen. I felt good for seven years but I still go through a routine check every year. In the seventh year, there was blood in my urine which was caused by the spread of cancer cells in the bladder. The cancer appeared again. What if the cancer spread again.

From the Internet, I found information regarding the use of apricot seeds for treating cancer in Australia and America without chemotherapy. A British doctor working in an isolated place in Afghanistan found Vitamin B17 content in apricot seeds. In Afghanistan, they ate apricots and also the seeds. Apricot seeds had bitter taste. People from this area did not have cancer. After doing some investigations, it turned out that apricot seeds contain Vitamin B17. While being treated for cancer, I would look for food that also contained Vitamin B17. It turned out that cassava has Vitamin B17. So I ate 10 grams of cassava three times a day.

After eating cassava for one month, my doctor checked my bladder for cancer. He was surprised because my bladder was completely clean and normal. As long as I kept eating cassava, I felt very fit and very healthy. Every three months I would go for checkup and my results
remained clean. Since then I only ate cassava and did not continue other cancer medications. Summary of Vitamin B17 active ingredients of cassava are: The scientific name of Vitamin B17 is Amygdaline. Cancer cells are immature cells, have different enzymes compare to normal cell. When Vitamin B17 is combined with normal cell enzyme, B17 will turn into 3 types of sugar. But when combined with cancer cell enzyme, B17 turns into 1 sugar, 1 benzaldehyde and 1 hydrocyanic acid. This hydrocyanic acid kills cancer cells . Apricot and cassava seeds both contain vitamin B17.

After I wrote the article about cassava in 2010, I received some information from cancer patients who also ate cassava. Mr. Pereira, a 70-year-old man, was diagnosed with prostate cancer. His wife at the hospital happened to read my article. They had no money for the cancer treatment and the injection given make Mr.Pereira very weak. His wife gave Mr. Pereira cassava to consume. After eating cassava for a week, his situation started getting better. And after a month of eating cassava every morning, his PSA test result improved from 280-290 to becoming 5.89! They visited me to show the test results before and after eating cassava. Pereira did not have any symptoms of cancer after continuing eating cassava.

There was another person who had liver cancer and had to undergo surgery. But from the MRI scan results, there cancer cells still exist. So, she started eating cassava after surgery. A month after eating cassava or ubi kayu, doctors told her no need to undergo surgery anymore because the MRI scan did not show any cancer cells were present in her liver. So why not try cassava for curing cancer? It is cheap, easy to get, easy to cook and very tasty. It’s very easy:

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1. Choose fresh tapioca or cassava, which has no bluish colour on
its surface.

2. Boil them and do not cover the pan during cooking. This will help
evaporating the excess midrosianic acid.

3. During eating tapioca, do not eat ginger/ginger foods, such as
ginger biscuits, ginger beer, or gin at the same time.

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