How igbo’s marginalized igbo’s

The south Eastern part of Nigeria popularly known as Igbo’s has
for couple of years now lamenting of how Nigeria governmental
system has been unfavorable to them but I think they marginalized
themselves b4 Nigeria do
Igbo’s has been 1/3 of the most populated tribe in Nigeria but they
devalue themselves especially when a promise like office,
post,appointment,money e.t.c is involved

1- Igbo’s has been fighting for their independent country since
1960 but keep on betraying their members when they come out in

2- An ABIA state chief ruler & family were kidnapped for months
now but known of the IGBO GOVERNORS can stand up and ask
where the king is..(go and try it to Yoruba oba or Hausa Emir )

3- A governor in Igbo land arrested about 100 women during a
protest and charged them to Court (have u ever heard that in other

4- Igbo elders (ohanaeze ndigbo) have never question Nigeria
government seriously for d life of the Igbo’s been massacred
everyday (try it to Hausa/Yoruba)

5- OPERATION PYTHON DANCE 111 is loading but non of the Igbo
representative including their DSP can stand up and criticise such
military parade after d bad news of DANCE 11(try it in d north/

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  1. Nice post

  2. Ok

  3. Good

  4. Igbos should be given the slot for presidency,

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