How it feels like to marry a good wife, no second chance

You know when there is Champions League Football on a midweek
and your team is having a game. You go off to work at 8am that
morning feeling really excited that today you’re going to have a
good night watching some good night football.
At work your boss shouts at you for no reason as usual. Your
clients don’t seem to be having a good day as well, yelling at you
at the slightest provocation. Your colleagues join in to compound
your already terrible day, giving you attitude you cannot explain,
and in the middle of what seems to be a horrifying day you just
keep calm, patiently looking at that clock on the wall, waiting for it
to be 5pm so you can get out of the office and run home.
You stay calm and swallow whatever is thrown at you that day,
because you know there’s a Chelsea Vs Barcelona game coming
up tonight that will ease away your stress, that’s if your team wins
anyway. I know you get the picture.
Now replace that champions league game with a “good wife”, yea,
you see it now right? That is the same feeling you get when you
marry the right woman. You can’t wait to get out of work and run
home to the arms of the one person in the world who eases your
stress and reminds you of how special you are. Going home gives
you a whole new reason to be excited. You go out to work in the
morning and take all the trash everyone throws at you but it
doesn’t bother you much because you know that as soon as you
step through that front door there is an angel whose touch, hugs,
kisses, kind words, good food, care, attention, character and
beauty makes you forget whatever it is you have been through that
Please marry right guys, if it doesn’t look like it be patient and wait
for it. Marry someone who gives you a reason to come home
early, rather than an excuse to stay out all night.
Marry someone who helps you forget the trials of the day, rather
than amplify them with trials at night.
Marry someone who will let you watch your football games in
peace, rather than the one whose attitude will force you to watch it
in a bar with the boys.
Marry someone who serves you happiness as soon as you walk
through the door, because in the end, that is what marriage is all
A prudent wife comes from the Lord, there is a special kind of
woman only God can give, cling unto Him buddy, let Him hook you
up with someone who will make you love coming home to your
own house, don’t try to do this all by yourself, logic won’t work,
those marriage seminars you’ve attended might not apply to you,
those relationship ‘how to’ you’ve read in books may not work for
you either, “House and riches are the inheritance of fathers and a
prudent wife is from the LORD.” (Proverb:19:14) Remember there
is no second chance to get it right, divorce is not an option for

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