How Peter Obi Manipulated APC influence in South East—Mcginger Ibeneme

Enugu State. My state. My home. Igboland. My fatherland. It was
Peter Obi who buried APC in Igbo land when he claimed that
Fashola deported Igbos. He went on air, sensationalized it. Good
job. Igbo youths lapped on it. Jonathan and PDP were all smiles
and Obi was hailed for a job well done. He quickly joined the party
on leaving office as was planned out. APGA, the alleged Igbo party
was dumped and left to crumble. Ojukwu had died. The new Igbo
party was PDP. The plan was going well. Jonathan would win
election and our brothers would continue chopping on our behalf.
The Grand plan was for 2017. Oil blocks allocations would expire in
2017 and there would be fresh allocations. Boys were positioning
themselves for the greatest cake. Dasuki released 500m to Jim for
Igbo elders.
They did a perfect job. In churches Buhari was branded antichrist
and anti-Christians whose ambitions were to islamize the east and
persecute Christians. Prayer points were raised and brethren
fasted against his emergence. Jonathan was sent by God and only
his emergence would save the church. Brethren spoke in tongue
and prophesied. Anyone who ever prophesied anything contrary to
Jonathan winning was branded antichrist and anti-Igbo. Jonathan
was Igbo, our brother. Ndi Hausa hate us so much. Buhari wrote
Ohaneze severally to pay them a visit. No one as much as
acknowledged his letter not to talk of inviting him. What’s the
point? Our son is running and he’s gonna win anyways. APC was
outcast and taboo in the land. At the election the elders dutifully
allocated 500,000 votes to Jonathan, maybe at 1000naira per
vote. And 15,000 votes to Buhari. This was Igbo project remember.
By 2017 Igbo sons would own oil blocks on our behalf. All seemed
to be going well. Except that men without ears didn’t think that God
had the final say. Suddenly, like the great titanic, everything went
wrong! Our brother didn’t win after all! Wow. What next? They
started shouting persecution. Ana emegbu ndi igbo.


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