How to add fun to your marriage

Make marriage fun, lively and so sweet for you and your spouse.
Be creative, be alive, be fun to be with, spice things up.
Surprisingly, I’m also referring to those “old school” things we think do no matter what, but will definitely shake the foundation of our marriage and take it to a deeper level of love, higher level of romance, deep, passionate, love making and the icing on the cake, more bank alerts from hubby to wifey. Wants to try it?

that is if you are a Yoruba or married to a Yoruba man. If you are from other tribe, show him your deepest level of respect. Don’t hiss baby, it sure works like fire! Come on, you don’t have to do this daily. Once in a while, when he is not expecting, greet him at the door on the knees or when he buys you something, that shocking surprise on his face will be monumental and you will love it too.
Your dad didn’t train you to kneel? Me too. Imagine my dad asking
me to stand up as if I would break my back while kneeling to greet
him. I taught myself to do it for hubby when I want to show him
how deep I respect him, though he says, he doesn’t want me
stress my back but that “boyish” smile on his face shows he loves
it, xoxo!

Nigerian Presidential Poll

Can the south east (Igbo speaking tribe) produce the next Nigerian President come 2023?

Okay, this one sounds romantic. I feel as sweet as Cinderella when hubby rouses me from sleep with his soft lips on mine and a gentle, loving hug, how does heaven feel like? Something like that?. I mean that loving affectionate touch, every wife loves it.
Learn to wake her with a display of affection, she will think about
you all day.

just ten minutes after he leaves the house. What’s as romantic as your wife not wanting you out of her sight? Just 10 minutes and she’s already missing you? Wow! We all loved to be missed by our loved ones, it makes us feel so special. If you feel ten minutes is too short then you can extend yours to an hour or more. Just let your handsome dude knows you love seeing his face all the time.

I must confess some men hate this baaah! They can devour their wives in bed and be more romantic than Hrithik Roshan as long as it is in their bedroom, but public? Hell, no! Easy brother, calm down, take a
glass of cold water and breathe in, breathe out, alright. Don’t faint
before you start, okay? Flirting with her in public is no big deal. Look right, look left, no one watching, give a playful slap on her bum and keep a straight gaze.
Quickly steal a kiss while in the car or send her flirty messages
while close to each other. Tell her she’s beautiful in a sign
language you both understand. Wink sensually at her or give her
the “you drive me crazy” kind of look.

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