Skin coloration are those dark patches on your neck, face, bum bum and knuckles.
There are different methods to treat/reduce/eliminate it:
METHOD 1: Sandalwood is very good for discoloration and harsh
sunburn; it also has anti aging element in it. It also have turning
effect and help in shrinking skin pores.
It also prevents sagging and aging skin, it tighten the skin tissues
(sagging cream).
METHOD 2: Mix rose water with 2 table spoon of sandalwood
together and apply on the affected area. It will lighten that dark
Leave it for 2mints and rinse it off
METHOD 3: Get a vitamin E capsules.
Open it and use the oil on the affected/discolored area and
massage it in. don’t rinse it off.
Do apply this method regularly at night before going to bed.
Please add this to sunburn treatment. Sandalwood works for
sunburn. It smoothen the affected area.
Soak a towel in a very cold/chilling water, squeeze out the excess
and place the towel on the affected area, repeat the process
severely like 3 times a day.
Another method could be use for the same purpose.
After using the cold water, cut a fresh aloe very, remove the gel
apply it on the affected area, allow it to dry and well absorbed into
the skin. This method is good preferable at night.
Method 2
Mix 3 table spoon of turmeric with some water to make a paste.
Apply on a clean face, let it dry then wash it off with a cold water,
do it daily for a week, you will see changes by then. Ensure you do
this daily.
Method 3
Blend irish potato, apply it on the affected area, leave it to dry and
after 20 minutes wash it with cold water. Do it daily.
This method can also work for dark armpit, dark knuckles in
between thighs because it lightens dark spot/patches.

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