How to cope with a cheating husband

A man can promise you heaven on earth before marriage and fail
woefully after marriage. No sane man gets into marriage to hurt or
damage his pretty bride but of course we are human, humans will
fail, only God never fails!
If your husband is failing or has failed you, you can’t handle him by
yourself. Straight to the point, if he is cheating whether emotionally
or sexually, I mean he flirts, is into other women or out rightly
chase after anything in skirt and this has entered his blood, you
need a higher power to help you arrest him, you need God!
Adulterers rarely change except by God’s divine intervention!
Of course, one has some work to do: being more submissive,
loving, charming, sexier, seductive and all that but except God
Himself arrests him, those efforts will fail.
Get God involved in your man’s affairs. Pray for him daily. Don’t
wait till ladies are seducing him before you start doing that and if
he is already in the net of adultery, use prayer as a powerful
weapon to bring him back home, let God help you deal with him. It
sure works like fire!
I can keep sharing testimonies of some of my counsellees but time
will fail me. I have counselled Pastors’ wives with strange women
capturing and seducing their husbands. I have talked to wives
whose husbands are out rightly into other women. I have stood by
wives whose husbands are in love with another woman and almost
replace the one at home with the one outside. With humility and
submission to instructions, they all came back with testimonies.
Some had their husbands confessing like witches undergoing
deliverance, one literally prostrated before his wife begging for
forgiveness, she had to quickly restrain him. One came back home
and made remedy, some faced constant threat from these women
but they stood their grounds prayerfully till they won the battle!
Look, marriage is spiritual. It is not a child’s play. It is not for
carnal people. Every marriage faces storms. There are battles
going on against your marriage whether you are aware or not! Not
every woman is happy that you are happy in your marriage. There
are some eyeing your husband and will do anything to have him.
Don’t wait till they capture your husband before you start running
helter-skelter. Start praying for your husband now! Cover his heart,
spirit, soul and body in the blood of Jesus daily. There is power in
the blood of Jesus.
If your husband is maltreating you and have other women he is
wasting his resources on, pray for him daily. Fight your battle with
the word of God and God will rescue him.
You need to be patient though. Some prayers get answered the
first day, some within weeks, some take months while some take
years. It all depends on your faith. Never give up! God is arising
on your case! You shall share your testimony soon!
Don’t forget to be more respectful, loving, caring, forgiving, neater,
cleaner, looking presentable and be available for love making while
praying. “For faith without work is dead”. Add work to your faith
and “The Lord shall fight for you and you shall hold your peace.” I
look forward to hearing your testimony.

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