How to cope with our different background in marriage

Our family background is different for God’s sake! The way we
see things are different, the way we behave are just different. You
can’t force me to do things I just don’t wanna do because your
mum taught you to do it. My mum just didn’t train me that way,
period! You both need to seriously look into this while in courtship
or your marriage will end up a nightmare!
You can’t expect her to be kneeling for you per minute, per second
if she isn’t trained that way, my brother, she won’t! It is not pride,
they didn’t train her to do that, please, don’t expect your bride to
break her back in order to please you by fire, by thunder in the
name of marriage!
If your husband was not trained to do house chores, you will
scream tire and nothing will change! He is just not trained to
sweep, cook and wash clothes! You are the one who will do all the
chores and you can’t complain because he is not trying to be
wicked, he is just not trained that way, period!
The reason why so many families are in shambles today is
because people are forcing their partners to do things they are just
not trained to do!
If you marry “Ajebota” and expects her to cook a soup of #1,000
for you, you are seriously joking! Infact, you are preparing to go on
a hunger strike for days on end!
If you marry a man who enjoyed quality food from childhood and
you don’t know how to cook, may God Himself come down and
help you because your marriage will see hell. Some men don’t joke
with their stomach, they can beat or even kill in the fit of rage!
Trash this things out in courtship and come to agreement. If you
are both mature and flexible, you will be willing to change and
adapt, you may marry them if they are willing to change to your
taste, if not, let them go in peace or you end up divorced few years
after marriage!
Marry God’s will for your life, this is important! When you marry
God’s will, he gives both of you the grace to adapt and live with
each other with wisdom.
Do not marry a stubborn person who is not ready to fit into your
lifestyle. It’s a sure sign you are both not compatible and heading
towards the same direction! End the relationship before the
marriage ends in tears!
At the same time, marry someone who will allow you to be
yourself. There are things about you that just can’t change. Either
they accept it or you go your different directions.
Bottom line, marry God’s will, marry your soul mate, marry your
best friend. Get my ebooks:”How To Attract Your Perfect Soul
Mate”, “Lies That Break Marriages” and “Overcoming Marital Delay”
they will also help to choose right, ask the right questions in
courtship, assess your relationship before heading the altar and
get married at the right time.

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