The world is faced today with a lot of persons who are tormented
with fear, so much that they can’t dare any height. If this is your
case there are something’s you should know about Fear. And first
is to identify the origin and root of fear.
In Gen 3:1-5 The devil tempted Eve, his plan was to attack the word
God had given to them, He twisted it and deceived Eve, They ate
the fruit and their eyes were opened. The end product of it was
“FEAR,” all of a sudden Adam and Eve became afraid of the
presence of God. They had lost the Holy spirit which God gave to
them, this was the Death they died. The devil now had a legal place
to torment them with fear.

The devils strategy was to first attack what God said to them, Here
is what you should know “After the devil succeeds in attacking the
counsel of God in your life the next thing is FEAR.
The end product of the devils works in your life is FEAR. This is
why you should hold on passionately to what God has said to you,
don’t let any contrary voice advice you against Gods word.
Sometimes you wish to carry out some plans and goals, but you
keep hearing this voice telling you, you are not Good enough, that
God won’t help you out, infact you won’t succeed and suddenly
you are caged again with fear. You must understand that this is
the activity of the devil on your mind.
To tackle fear you must fill your mind with two things:
1. The knowledge of who you are in Christ
2. What you carry (the Holy spirit)
In 2Tim 1:7 the bible said “For God hath not given us the spirit of
fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”
You see? Fear is not of God, God gave you a spirit of power, love
and of a sound mind.
It is the Holy spirit that produces a sound mind in you. Remember
Adam and Eve gave in to fear because they had lost the Spirit
which produces a sound mind full of power and Love, this is why
its essential for you to know that the end product of the works of
the Spirit in your life will always be “Love, sound mind (renewed
mind) and power. Anytime you are giving in to fear you are
operating from your fallen nature. When a man gives his life to
Christ God restores the Holy spirit to him and such a man can have
a supernatural endowment that produces boldness and sound
mind. The Holy spirit which was given to be our Helper is ever
ready to help us through anything, he is bigger and wiser than you
are, learn to submit to his rulership.
Build and renew your mind on what God says about you. Are you
Worrying too much?
See what God said you should do here:
1 Peter 5:7 Casting all your cares upon him; for he careth for you.
You see? He cares for you and is ready to carry your burdens ans
help you through tough times.
Worrying about things will bring fear in your life. Guess what?
When you worry you are giving the devil a place to operate in your
Paul advised in Eph 4:27 “That we should give no place to the
devil” whenever we are not operating on faith we are giving a place
to the devil.
Another sure way of dealing with Fear is to build on Gods perfect
Love for you. 1John 4:18 says perfect Love casts away fear.
God Loves you and has given his spirit to help you.
Build your faith on this endless truths, be intentional about using
them to dare any fear, step out and be all God wants you to be.
Fear has been dealt with don’t let the devil give you a reason to
fear again.
Thanks for reading.
If this blessed you, please kindly share with others, so they could
be blessed too.
This message is an excerpt from Pst Franklin Ojukwunze’s
message on Sunday 3RD June 2018.
Pst Franklin is the lead pastor of City builders.
Kindly visit our page for more teachings on Facebook, instagram,
and twitter @ Citybuilders Fcc.

CityBuilders is located @ No.4 Onyia street Opp York ville resort

Mgbuogba, Port Harcourt, Rivers State. You can pay us a visit any day, any time.

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