How to deal with long-distance relationship anxiety

Being in a long distance relationship is no walk in the park.
For some, what they struggle with the most
is the anxiety they just can’t shake off. If you happen to be one of those people
then read on.
1. Determine why you are anxious
At the heart of anxiety is fear so what are you really afraid
of? That he might cheat, fall out of love with you, that you will mess it up? Ask
yourself these questions and try to be as honest as possible.
2. Determine your expectations
Evaluate what you want
out of the relationship and what you expect of your partner. Knowing what you want
helps you know if you are getting it and if not, how to get it. It is also possible
that your expectations are unrealistic so cut them to size.
3. Talk to your partner
This affects you both, so
tell him how you feel and what you have been able to arrive at in your self-evaluation.
Ask if he feels the same way and together, figure out a viable solution.
4. Communicate like your
lives depend on it
You may not be together but involve each other in every bit of
your lives. Call, text, video chat. Whenever something is not right, no matter how
small, don’t keep it to yourself.
5. Make efforts to see each other often
Don’t get comfortable with the distance. If you assume that one
day it will be convenient, that day will never come. Go out of your way to see each other.
6. Don’t compare
You may know other people in long distance relationships but
that doesn’t mean you are same with them, so
stop using the same yardsticks.
7. Trust

If you don’t, you will give yourself a heart attack. Believe
in the love you share and your partner’s strength of character. Anytime doubtful
thoughts arise, don’t dwell on them.


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