How to get over heartbreaks and forget about your ex

My third heartbreak took me some time before I got sane and whole again. It was a struggle, big time struggle and I cried anytime I remember, I dropped weight but nobody knew.

I learn’t a lot after that incident. Many people don’t get over heartbreaks because they have conditioned their mind to believe that their ex was too amazing to be replaceable.

To get over a heartbreak, you must believe that your ex isn’t good enough for you. You must not believe that they are irreplaceable, you must open your mind and believe that there are better people out there waiting to meet you.

If you attribute so much importance and awesomeness to an ex, you will keep regretting, you will keep hurting, because you’ll feel that you’ve missed a life opportunity, which is a lie.

There are so many amazing people out there. So so many. Better than those in your past. I thought that my ex’s type was rare, but I got love from someone better later in my life.

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