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If a man love you, he
will move mountains to be with you. He will call you, text you just
to let you know how important you are to him. You will never have
to wonder if he will call or text you ,call you pretty or beautiful. He
will tell you you are beautiful and mean the world to him and will do
anything to let you know how he feels. Actions speak louder than
words and his actions will let you know. Anything less…. is
bullshit.. If A man check on you from time to time for no reason at
all, dat a Good man.If He listen to you when you are frustrated,
you have a Gentle Man. If he is very supportive of your dreams,
you have a special Man, If he free up time in their day just so dat
he can hear your voice or come by to see you, Is a Great Man, If
He speak positive things over you and into you, you are blessed
with a Man after your heart. If you can consistently depend on Him
more than anyone else, you have a Caring Man. If He take care of
you when you are sick, you have a dependable Man. If you can
talk to him about anything in the world, you have a Faithful Man. If
He can make you laugh even when you don’t want to, you have
Man of honor. If He can make you smile even when you don’t feel
like it, you have a chosen Man. If he go out of their way to show
you that He care about you as a person, you have a lucky Man.
Appreciate a “this kind of Man, when He is in your presence,
because you may never meet someone quite like that ever again.
They are few Man with dis kind of heart.
Finally I keep on saying dat a good Man won’t settle for the easy
path. He works hard he knows you are a master piece. He will
respect you, your body, and your demands. He doesn’t just use his
feelings; he thinks with his brain.
If a man really loves you, he will do what is right. Even if things
don’t seem to agree his way, he will use his brains and be ready to
face whatever comes his way.

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