How to know if you are with the right person in a relationship

One of the most hugely ignored ways to know if you’re with the
right person is how the favour upon their life connects you with the
people that are relevant to your purpose.
This is more than a job connection or an admission favour from an
uncle that knows somebody that knows somebody that your
partner knows. I am talking about a divine kind of connection that
leads men who are relevant to the fulfillment of your purpose in life
towards you.
“For her husband is known at the gates by kings and princes”,
says the Word, and the same goes for a wife as well.
It is that inexplainable kind of favour that says “although you might
not deserve it, even when you have done nothing to earn it, the
mere reason that you are with this person is enough for me to
favour you.” Inexplainable
God does not need to speak out of heaven to confirm to us that we
are in the right relationship with the right person all the time, He
has left clues for us everywhere to pick up, and this is one of those
clues that alot of us do not pay any attention to.
Do a personal appraisal of your relationship and check how deep
your partner has influenced the platform God has given you to
express your purpose. I am not talking about checking your bank
account and comparing what you have now with what you had
when you were still single, not talking about counting all the
projects you won or lost, not the new apartment you moved into or
the new car you bought, all these are Good but there are not the
connection that God created with the rib, these are just some of the
fruits we produce when we are planted in our purpose, any partner
can help you achieve great heights and yet have no connection to
the reason why God needs you on the earth; to bring pleasure to
If you understand what your purpose in life Is, and the platform
God has given to you to fulfil it, then check to see if the favour
upon your partner’s life is connecting you with the people or the
process relevant to the fulfilment of your purpose.

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