How to make avocado oil, it benefits and what you should know

Today i am going to teach you how to make avocado oil. But before that lets get to know the benefits.
Avocado is a fruit which has a leathery skin and smooth, oily edible fles, it is rich in healthy mono saturated fatty acids, pottassium, lacituin, vitamin A, B5, E and biotin.

Benefits of avocado oil to the body

Reduces cholesterol

improves heart health

prevents gum disease

Benefits to the skin

helps relief inflammation from psoriasis

heals wounds faster

prevents and treats acne

Clears dark spots

Help replenish dry skin

Helps protect the skin from damage

Use in treatment of sunburn.

Benefits to the hair

prevents breakage

Good for detangling

Reduces dandruff

Adds shine to hair.

How to make avocado oil


method 1 cold press method

Get four ripe avocado pear

A steel trays




A blender or mortar and pestlec

Cheese cloth made of cotton or coffee sieve.p


1. Wash avocados, cut into halves and take out the core.

2. Use spoon to scoop the avocado up into a blender.

3. Blend until smooth, in the absence of a blender use mortar to pound.

4 Transfer the avocado paste into a steel tray and spread to make a very thin layer the tray under the sun until dark.

6.Put little portion of the avocado into your cheese cloth, tie the cheese cloth,twist and squeeze firmly to extract the oil into a bowl.Repeat with the remaining avocado,pour extracted oil into a bottle. Its ready for use.

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Method 2 using carrier oil and heats

Same ingredients as for method 1,but this time we switch steel tray for carrier oil (eg coconut oil,olive oil,castor oil,shear oil,etc)

Procedure-repeat same step from 1-3 in mthd 1.
Place your frying pan on a low heat, pour the avocado paste into the pan and stir with spoon for 5mins. Pour in your desired carrier oil and continue stirring. As you continue to stir,the colour changes from green to brown or dark green,take out of heat and allow to cool.
Get your cheese cloth and squeeze out oil and pour into a bottle.
OR Heat carrier oil, fry the avocado paste for 5mins.

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