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How To Make New Friends In 2019

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What better time to broaden your relationship than the start of a new year? Aren’t you excited about 2019? However, making new friends can be daunting for some people.

Below are tips to help you make new friends in 2019:


You can’t make new friends in the comfort of your house. Try to attend functions, events, join a group or use technology and meet people online.
Starting a new friendship with anyone will require you step out of your comfort zone to relate.


Faking your attitude or trying to hide your habit is a wrong way to start of a friendship. Lies or deception breeds mistrust which will quickly eat away at any relationship.
Ensure you are your authentic self when meeting others.


A great way to engage others in a conversation is with your hobby, Share your hobbies with others and try to bond over activities anchored around both of your hobbies.


A major perk about volunteering is that you get to meet various people outside your sphere. You most probably will find someone who shares the same passion as you in your volunteering cause.


What is the point of going out and remaining mute? No one can bond with you if you refuse to speak. If you are nervous about talking to someone, try inhaling and exhaling deeply to help you relax then open your mouth and talk.

You can start of the conversation with small talk about the weather, news or others.


Try to contain your excitement about making a new friend and listen to the other person. A good way to know a person is simply to listen to their verbal and non-verbal communication.

Make the most of 2019!

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