The major ingredients for a sweet and delicious puffpuff is flour
sugar salt yeast and water.
Any addition is just ajasa….
OK let’s do this.
Flour 3cups. (Tin milk cup)
Sugar 3 table spoons. ( the spoon you use to eat. Not heaped o)
reduce to two if you are not a sugar lover.
Salt. A pinch. (Taken with your big thumb and the next two fingers)
she you gerrit? Good let’s go on.
Yeast. 2tablespoon…. Same spoon you use to eat.
Nutmeg is optional….if you must add, add using d the tip your
small teaspoon
Water. 1 tin milk cup.
Do we understand?
Ok let’s go there.
Get a bowl that is deep.
Combine your :
Flour+sugar+ salt+ yeast.
Mix together.
Make a well in the center, like as if the Israelites want to pass
through. You gerrit? Good.
Now pour in the water, a little at a time and mix. When half the
water is gone stop. If you dough is stiff, just add a little more by
sprinkling some into d dough.
Sebi you know how to turn amala? imagine you are turning with
your hand.
when I was young, we say amala pokilipokili….put the plop plop
sound in mind as you turn.
Now turn turn turn as in faaaa Mora daradara.
Weh don. Oya cover with a tea towel or nylon.
Leave to rise in five minutes or when it has doubled in size.
If the weather is cold…like rain just fell, put your mix somewhere
warm, your oven or cabinet or comboard lol
Once its risen, put your vegetable oil or whatever oil you chose to
use on medium heat until it simmers.
Somebody just asked how do I know? Drop alil dough in there,
once you feel some bubbles around you dough, your oil is ready.
Ehnehn sebi you know how you scoop your amala morsel before
dipping in soup?
Oya do your hand fingers like that, scoop and drop in the oil. Stir
until all sides is your liked color of brown…golden or burnt for d
weirs food Cravers.
Bring them out unto the strainers lined with your paper towel or
saviets…tada! Pufpuf is ready.
Pls note.
If your yeast has spent sometime in your cabin cabinet pls proof it.
How do you do that?
Put alil warm water in a bowl and sprinkle a teaspoon of yeast on
it. If it bubbles/ foams you gat d good yeast, If it doesn’t don’t
waste your flour.

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