How to make yourself more sexually attractive to your husband

One of the most exciting things for any man is when the woman he loves does subtle things that appeal to him sexually. Thus, are you wondering how to turn your husband on?
1. Show that you are turned on
Things are getting steamy in the bedroom. He does not want you to simply respond. He wants you to go an extra mile to show him just how turned on you are. Turn your inner sexual diva loose!
2. Touch him
Let your hands explore his body and work magic. It does not matter whether you know what you are doing or not, just go with the flow.
3. Be confident
A woman who puts on the air of someone who knows what she is saying can turn any man on. You would be shocked to realize that something as ‘basic’ as confidently airing your opinion can get your man horny.
4. Flirt
Excuse me, did you just say he is your husband and so there is no need? There is no one else you should get coy, naughty and kinky with.
5. Fulfill his sexual fantasies
He will go crazy if you decide to bring his dreams to reality. You might feel silly the first time but occasionally surprise him with some of his fantasies and he will keep coming back for more.
6. Be spontaneous
Nothing kills the vibe like planning for sex all the time. You may have a busy schedule but break out of that mold to surprise him. If you feel it, just go for it.
7. Make an effort with you looks
Married for years and you still care enough to tease him with your appearance? You have scored.
You see, it does not take much to turn him on. Will you try today?

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