How to recognize when it is time to move on (1)

Breaking up is hard. All the investment of time, emotions, energy, compromises, and even funds seem to have gone down the drain but as I will always say, “Better a broken relationship than a broken marriage.”
However, if you are finding it difficult to let go, here are surefire signs that will tell you it is about time.
1. He says it
He may make subtle comments about how he does not want to end up with someone like you. At that point, you don’t have to second-guess it. He is no longer interested.
2. He is complacent
You have been together for years but it seems as though you are stuck. You are neither moving forward nor backward and he does not seem to mind.
3. You don’t enjoy his company anymore
When you are together, there are awkward silences and you would rather be somewhere else or alone.
4. You seem like just good friends
In the honeymoon phase of your relationship, you two were all over each other and it is understandable that as time goes on, it wears off and you become more mature. But that does not mean that all together, the spark and physical attraction fizzle out.
5. You are trying too hard
Every relationship requires some work because it is difficult for two individuals to completely be in sync yet that work should be something you do willingly and not because you have to. When the relationship becomes more work than a pleasure then it is dying.
6. Arguments are on extreme ends of the balance
It is either you guys don’t argue anymore or you argue all the time. In the former, you just don’t have the energy anymore and you accept all forms of crap and in the latter, you are sick of him and highly irritable.


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