How to recognize when it is time to move on (2)

We have already established that breakups are terrible and so people may want to shy away from them. Yet, there are certain signs that will tell you that you’re doing yourself more harm than good so suck it up and move on.
If you are wondering what those signs are then you have come to the right place. Let us continue from where we left off.
7. You don’t communicate
If he is out of town, you don’t mind. You hardly call or text anymore yet, you are not bothered.
8. You give yourself reasons why you shouldn’t break up
It has crossed your mind to walk away but you give yourself a sermon about why you should stay. If this happens often then it is time to go.
9. You feel like something is wrong
It is possible that everything is ‘perfect’. He is such a great guy but if you have a nagging feeling that something isn’t right then it is best you pay attention to it.
10. You try to make him end it
You find yourself trying to piss him off more often. You may even go as far as entertaining another guy just to get him jealous. It is like you are in a self-destructive mode.
11. You don’t see him in your future
When you make plans, you don’t envision that he will be in it. Your natural instinct is to cut him out.
12. He abuses/disrespects you
There is no reason why you should stay with a man that disrespects your person and body enough to mentally, emotionally or physically abuse you.
I hope with these few points, I have managed to convince you that relationship no be by force. Save yourself the misery.


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