How to tell he is into you

Some guys are pretty good at hiding their feelings. Sometimes it because they are not yet confident to tell you how they feel but guess what! When you wear perfume, it is impossible to hide the fact. Same way, certain gestures give such guys away. Are you as excited as I am about unveiling these gestures?
Then let us get right to it.
1. He beams at you
Whenever you are around, he dazzles you with a smile, at times it may be the slow, shy type and other times, it could be a full-blown grin that compels you to smile back.
2. He makes contact
This is flirting 101. When you like someone, you can’t help but touch the person so look out for light touches on the shoulder, arm, waist, and knee.
3. He is eager to help
This is most common in an office setting. You may simply be wearing a frown on your face and he hurries to your side to ask what the matter is, even if someone else desperately needs his help.
4. His eyes give him away
Yet, another obvious giveaway. Whenever your eyes stray, they catch his. It is like he cannot control his eyes.
5. His composure changes around you
You may see from afar that he is perfectly composed but once you approach he becomes a klutz. Other times, he could be relaxed but when you approach, he straightens up.
6. He is Santa Claus
He never meets you empty-handed. It is like he owns a gift shop.
7. He is suddenly everywhere
Ever had an experience where you meet a guy once and you suddenly begin to run into him almost everywhere else? He may be trying to get your attention.
8. Incessant texts
He texts you first thing in the morning and last thing at night. You just seem to be on his mind all the time.


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