How to treat and keep an indoor husband

An indoor husband is a homely man. A man who loves to stay
indoors. A man who loves to spend time with his family. A man
who prefers home made food to eating outside. A man who
prefers to come home and stay with his family rather than staying
out to talk or chit chat with friends till late hours. A man who has
time for his kids. A man who does not sleep outside without a
cogent reason. A man that is a perfect example of a family man.
I know most women will wish for this type of husband.
Often, many wives had complained of their husband not keeping to
indoors. Many husbands has turned to outdoors husbands.
Do you wish to have an indoor husband?

These are the things you must do to keep him indoor:

PEACE: Peace of mind is one of the things men cherish most. If
you have all the curves and beautiful face and you don’t give your
man peace of mind, you might lose him to be an outdoor husband.

GOOD FOOD: Dont starve an indoor man. Get his food ready on
time. Cook varieties and serve him by yourself. Learn spices foods
and juices to make him stick to the house.

CLEANLINESS: A clean home keeps your man indoors, especially
if he is the decent type. Keep the home clean if you have an
indoors husband or wants to keep him indoor.

FUN: Be someone who is fun to be with. Don’t be cranky and
troublesome. Don’t nag him. If you do, you will chase him out.

BE ROMANTIC: Be deliberate in your dressing. Entice him,
seduce him, he is your husband. Don’t be too “holy” when it comes
to satisfying your man.

INTEREST: Pick interest in things he loves to do and join him if
possible. If he loves reading, read with him. If he types on the
computer, learn how to assist him in typing it. If he loves browsing,
join him in browsing. If he loves watching ball, watch with him.

CREATE TIME TO BE WITH HIM: Many women make the
mistake of leaving their husband at home and keep running after
money and career. Cut down on those things keeping you away
from home and keep him company.

Don’t leave him with your sisters or at the mercy of a house girl. If
you have an indoors husband, don’t stay away from home for too
long. Yes I know you need to work or run your business, but apply
wisdom. Be there to give him what he wants.

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