How to trust again after a nasty betrayal

I always say that trust is like a sheet of paper. Once crumpled, no matter how you straighten it out the creases never leave.
This does not mean you should go through life hating and hurting because of a past experience. That would rob you of a full, happy life. So how can you get over it?
1. Understand that you made a bad choice
It is not your fault that someone messed with you or turned out to be a jerk. You simply made a bad choice in the man you choose and that doesn’t mean you are a failure.
2. Grieve
You can grieve to get over the hurt before moving on to someone else. Don’t move straight from hurt into another relationship or try to seek revenge. Vent but make sure you do it in a healthy way.
3. Understand that people are different
Try not to look at other men through the lens of what one man did to you. They may be of the same gender but they are definitely not the same people.
4. Surround yourself with people you trust
Someone may have messed up but I bet there are other people in your life that you can depend on. Bank on those people and let them comfort you.
5. Look inward
Introspection always works when you are trying to get over something. Ask yourself if you have been attracting such men before you decide that all men are scum. Sometimes, the trouble comes from you and the image you project.
6. Trust your instincts
The fact that you made a bad choice before does not mean you will make one again. Trust yourself first so you can trust someone else.
7. Take your time
If you want to get back on the dating scene, watch out for red flags first. At times, we jump headlong and ignore warning signs.


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  2. Nice write up,we all have been tru one thing or the other….so it might not be betrayal from a lover,but this will help alot of people

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