How we see the devil – Kemetic science

There is no concept of Evil as it is conceptualization in the Western
Culture. Rather it is understood that the Forces of Entropy are
constantly working in nature to bring that which has been
constructed by human hands to their original natural state.
There is no concept of devil or demon as is conceived by the west.
Rather it is understood that manifestations of detrimental
situations and adversities arise as a result of unrighteous actions.
These unrighteous actions are due to the Setian qualities in the
human being. Set is the Neteru of egoism and negative qualities
which arise from egoism. Egoism is the idea of individuality based
on identification with the body and the mind only as being who one
is . One has no deeper awareness of their deeper spiritual essence,
and thus no understanding of their connectedness to all other
objects (includes persons) in creation and the divine self .
When the Ego is under the control of the Higher nature , it fights
the forces of entropy(as above). However, when beset with
ignorance it leads to the degraded states of human existence. The
vices of egoism, selfishness , extroverted ness , wonton, sexuality
(lust), greed, malevolence, envy, gluttony are all a result.

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