Husband or partner, the ideal word of expectation

Husband means something completely different, the use of gendered terms like “husband”/”wife” is subversive. It is reclaiming legitimacy. Now it doesn’t change that marriage purpose is primarily for the accumulation of capital and maintaining of resources amongst classed persons and their descendants. It doesn’t also change the fact marriage is ultimately about dividing labor and ensuring men accumulate power.

Now let’s talk about the context of Cishet coupling. The use of husband/wife is not apolitical or innocuous. ESP for Cishet women. While “partner” and “spouse” doesn’t completely erase the structural benefits of having access to marriage it affects the ideological foundation. Husband, for Cishet women didn’t just describe a legal partnership. It describes one’s social status and moral worthiness. Referring to your husband or describing yourself as a wife conveys
the above described meanings. At the expense of other women. Women want to be married. Esp Cishet Partly because of commercial notions of love, part of it is the benefit of social monogamy : property, Healthcare, tax benefits basically material resources.

But a large part of why women want to get married is the increased
social status!! And women who use “husband” or refer to themselves as wives are actively embracing the social capital, virtue, moral worthiness That comes with being Mrs. And that’s what people are
responding to when we initially go from category of unmarried but partnered to married. using partner is culturally subversive. It attempts to include people who aren’t Cishet as they sometimes ara not afforded the benefits of legitimized statuses like boyfriend or husband It also rejects the idea that marriage relationships are not legitimate than other partnerships.

When you use partner, Cishet bigots will try and correct you constantly. Because we are committed to the ideological foundations that legitimize marital relationships and what they say about us. It will be difficult to maintain. I use partner. And other People use husband in reference to us so much that I sometimes use husband because it seeps into my subconscious Then there’s the added homoantagonism By people warning me that I’ll be mistaken for gay, which like that’s.

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