I am not in support of buhari rulling again – Sanusi

The Emir of Kano, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi on Friday, spoke what
appeared a shocking statement suggesting he does not expect the
President, to rule beyond 2019.
Sanusi made the statement at a one-day dialogue forum organised
by the Savannah Centre for Diplomacy, Democracy & Development
(SCDDD) at Abuja.
Sanusi while cautioning the President on his proposed bid to
borrow a whooping $30b loan, said with less than 2 years
remaining in office, there’s no way the Buhari administration can
pay back that huge debt.
Apparently concerned by the President’s move, Sanusi said “Let
me make this issue clear, I will be happy if they get the loan to
invest in the power sector, energy and road,”
He however questioned saying, “If we cannot raise $2 billon in two
years and you want to borrow $30 billion in two years to the end of
the life of the administration. The government should rather pay
more attention to investment and support the private sectors to
grow the economy”.
Speaking further he said, “The economy that has five exchange
rates can’t borrow $30 billion. They can’t lend you the $30 billion
when you have five foreign exchange rates and with the current
bombing of oil pipelines by the Niger Delta militants. So, on which
foreign exchange rate can you get the loan?.
He laments the nation’s foreign exchange saying it lacked
credibility, thus federal government needed to embrace private
sector investments as means to grow the economy out of recession.


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