I could have save my wife from death, now it’s too late

Once, a man returned from work and found his wife cooking. She
gave him a sweet kiss.
They were so happy. While they were at the dinner table, the
woman’s cell phone rang, a message from her friend who wished
her good night.
The husband saw the message and got upset, and he did not talk
about the matter with his wife and went to the bedroom without
having dinner.
The woman looked at her husband and thought: No! You are not
right! Are you bothered by a simple message? I will not go after
you, you are not a kid.
The woman had her meal and went to bed. The couple had angry
sleep and turned their back at each other that night.
At midnight, the wife was sweating with a lot of fever. She is not
able to talk. She touched the husband’s back. He responded with
dont bother me attitude, removed his wife’s hand.
The woman without more air, died of heart attack.
In the morning, he woke up, took a bath and prepared his things to
go to work.
The wife was still in bed, then the man looked at her and do not
think it is very good, but ignored her with the thought of: I will not
speak to her, until she does it first!
Then, he dressed up, had breakfast and went to work.
In the afternoon, when the husband returned home, he brought a
beautiful watch that he loved for his wife.
When the husband arrived home, he was happy, he is going to give
that precious clock to his beloved wife and tell her how much he
loved her, how much he was in love with her and would give her
many kisses.
Then, he opens the door and goes to the kitchen, because he was
ready to surprise his beloved with a big dinner, but he sees that the
breakfast was still there; then he thinks: she is still mad at me !!!
The man goes to the room to leave his briefcase, and sees that the
wife was still in the bed lying in the same position.
Scared, he goes to her and something tells him she was dead.
The husband cries, cries a lot and more. He screams in despair,
because the wife was dead …
The time is too short for fights. Know how to take advantage of it.
Take good care of your partner! Love your wife or husband, give
him pampering, fill her with kisses, tell her how much he loves or
loves her, of love and love !!!
Because time never waited for anyone. Above all do not be proud
in love and solve everything, do not go to bed angrily.
Stop and think: If you do not want to put pride aside and solve
things, the consequences can be irreversible. Sometimes, we have
to sacrifice for love; there are no perfect people, there are real
loves willing to sacrifice for that love! .
Communication between couples is always very important, when
they have had something difference or discussion, try to solve it
before going to sleep. I will not tell you that marriage is honey, that
you will never see problems that is a lie, and whoever says that he
never fought with his partner is a liar, but everything has a solution
except death.

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