I do not need biafra that will be restored through referendum-Udummiri Nwakalu

I do not need a Biafra that will be restored through a referendum. ,
if biafrans wants biafra through a referendum I will resign from
this radio and as the leader of the struggle for someone else to
champion the referendum means.

We must go to battle field with the zoo. Buhari should get ready to
command his Soldiers in battle field while I will command the finest
soldiers the world have never seen from Aba”. :- Mazi Nnamdi
Kanu on Radio Biafra London

“ I cannot be a party with Biafra añutara na tea. Just to defraud us
as defense funds
After all this awesome words, tell me what different between You
are Ralph Uwazurike? You spend 1and half year in kuje prison with
vip room. Ralph Uwazurike spend 2abd half year under-ground
prison with hard labor. 70% of Biafrans gave you Nnamdi Kanu
support while 40% Biafrans gave Ralph Uwazurike support. You
condemn, blackmail and brainwashed our people about Uwazurike
activities, today you are doing exactly all the things Uwazurike was

My advice is why not you go and reconcile with Uwazurike as you
have adopted his strategy.

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