I embarrassed Jonathan because of Buhari – Edwin Clark

Leader of the Pan Niger Delta Forum, PANDEF, Chief Edwin Clark,
on Tuesday declared that his position on President Muhammadu
Buhari fighting corruption better than his political son, former
president Goodluck Jonathan, has not changed.
This was as he went down memory lane to disclose how he
embarrassed Jonathan with a public statement he made. Clark, a
staunch ally of Jonathan had in 2015 while announcing his
decision to quit partisan politics, said “Jonathan didn’t have the
political will to fight corruption. He’s too much of a gentleman.”
He at the time pointed out that, “Drivers of yesterday were living in
palatial buildings now under his government. In advanced
countries, when you are living above your means, people query
you. That’s not so in Nigeria. Former governors and lawmakers
are now asking for immunity.”
This comment attracted him hard knocks from Jonathan’s former
special adviser on media and publicity, Reuben Abati, who in an
article, recalled how Clark curried favours from the Jonathan
presidency and wondered if the elder statesman could have made
such utterances if Jonathan was not defeated at the 2015
presidential election by Buhari.
Speaking on Tuesday when asked by RayPower FM if the group he
leads were out to ensure Buhari doesn’t win his re-election bid, the
chieftain of the Southern and Middle-Belt Forum said, “I am one of
those who believe in Mr. President’s anti-corruption crusade. I
have said this even to the embarrassment of the former president
(Goodluck Jonathan) and his group. They even said that very soon,
I will call President Buhari my son. You saw the publication by
Reuben Abati. I have not changed my mind.
“Whether the (anti-corruption war) is one-sided or not, no president
has done what Mr. President has done in the area of corruption.
I’m the leader of the Pan Niger Delta Forum. I came out to say
there should be no more vandalisation of pipelines. We went with
the Vice President to the Niger Delta, we could sit in our house if
we were against Mr. President.


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