I feel bad when people think i want to be president to embezzle national wealth-Atiku

It’s always disturbing to me when I read on social media and
national dailies that I want to be President because I want to loot
the treasury.
One, it’ll be quite unfortunate if at this age of mine I’ve such a
devilish motive.

My Creator won’t be happy with me after sparing my life and blessing me with good health and riches. The truth is that my business empire can sustain me and my family comfortably. I’ve no reason whatsoever to steal. No reason
at all.

My ambition to be President is anchored on my sincere desire to
prove to Nigerians that life could be much more better with a
competent and compassionate leader.

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  1. Good update

  2. Keep decieveing yourselves dere all of them are the same

  3. hmmmm

  4. okay

  5. Really

  6. OK

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