I have the drugs to cure Tinubu and to win Lagos State

Senate President and presidential aspirant of People’s Democratic
Party, PDP, Dr Bukola Saraki has vowed to help his party defeat
the All Progressives Congress in Lagos in 2019.
Saraki, who spoke at the PDP secretariat in Lagos State, where he
was endorsed as favourite candidate, said he had the medicine of
the man
terrorizing Lagos State.
He said: “What you have been fighting for many years, you will
have it
during the coming election because you now have somebody that
intention and charisma to deal with those disturbing you.
“I have a medicine of the man who regards himself as godfather
terrorising Lagos State. We have their formula, come next year,
PDP will
take over Lagos.”
Saraki also cautioned about restructuring as he said it was not
something a president could
single-handedly promise as it required the input of the legislature.
He said: “Many aspirants will tell you that they will restructure
but don’t let them deceive you because restructuring is not
only a president can do because certain laws also need to change.
“So you need a president that has political sagacity to carry people
along. But there are very few aspirants today that possess such
charisma. Once I assume office, I will devolve more powers to the

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