I love two ladies, but dont know who to marry (my little story)

I dated Chioma for two years before our plan to travel abroad
together, fortunately She was the only one who was granted the
visa, I spent all to make the trip a success, our plans now changed
to her staying over there while I stay here and work things
together, with her over there, I paid all her tuition fee,we were
going fine until a year later. Chioma called to tell me She’s getting
married, “getting what!!!!!? ” I screamed, that wasn’t our plan,we
are to get married to each other after her studies and raising a
substantial amount of money, I tried to persuade her that we are
meant for each other, but She only said that it’s the best thing for
her,She asked me to name my price,that sounded insulting to
me,love is not for sale, I love Chioma So much that I can stake
anything in her name.
Two days later after I rejected her paying me off,She wired
$30,000 into my domiciliary account, She said She’s not paying me
off, that She’s giving me that to use it and establish myself, if I
need more that I shouldn’t hesitate to ask her.
I cried for months, but She’s gone, I dusted my leg and carried on
with life, I saw her wedding pictures on Facebook with a White
man, was it all about marrying a white? I felt like I was used and
dumped, but life has to go on.
It’s a year plus after the breakup with Chioma and I, though her
memories still flash my mind, no doubt I have to deal with it Co’s I
am getting married this December, I own a big plastic company
and poultry farm,.cash is no longer my problem, I can travel
abroad now and back without it affecting my pocket.
Chioma called me at the beginning of this month saying her plans
have worked, how was that supposed to be my biz I asked her, She
said she’s finally divorced the man after setting her up with
another gal, She took larger portion of his assets and liquid cash of
over $80M, She has an estate for us, was counting lots of other
things, that She went into the marriage as to acquire the wealth
and get her full papers as to make life easier for us.
Though I loved Chioma with everything in me and her only offence
is She getting married, now she’s back but I am getting married to
Jane, the gal that is in my heart now, Chioma wants us to get
married as soon as possible, She’s back in Nigeria and has been
flowing my house daily, pleading to come back in my heart,
sincerely I am beginning to have a soft spot for Chioma, but I am
getting married to Jane very soon.
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  1. Select the one of your mind dey good

  2. Ok

  3. Ask God for guidance

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