An Okada driver living in Aluu who fell in
love with a girl from his village. He brought her with him to the
city and decided to send her to University owing to the fact that
she is intelligent. She sat for jamb, made it and got admission to
read Accounting. This boy single handed saw her through
University until she graduated. She got a bank job and started
doing fine. The parents of the girl were so grateful to the Okada
guy that they told him to come marry their daughter without
paying any dowry. But the girl started acting strange and funny
until one day she told him she can’t marry him. That she doesn’t
have the same feelings for him enough to marry him. Thinking it
was a joke, the Okada guy saw her walk into his house with
another guy. The guy asked to have a word with the Okada guy,
and thanked him for everything he had done for the girl but told
him to leave the girl. That she is no longer interested in him so he
should let her go but he is willing to compensate him. He should
mention any amount he want but should let her go. The Okada guy
realizing that the man offering him the money as payoff has
already planned marrying the girl he suffered to train in school got
mad. He fought the guy and chased him out of his house. The guy
came back with police and arrested the Okada guy. At the station
policemen warned him to stay away from the girl, take the money
the boy is offering him or leave her alone. After he left the station,
he called the girl and sweet talked her to visit him so he can tell
her the amount to pay him and finally part ways with her. So she
visited him at his residence in Aluu. After talking awhile, He
begged her to prepare him indomie as he was hungry. She dashed
into his kitchen and started preparing the indomie, unknown to her
he came behind her and poured her acid. She scream and tried to
open her eyes to run out but the acid entered her eyes and
rendered her blind. The acid all over her face and chest, she lost
one of her breast. The Okada guy took his bike and disappeared
into thin air. As I heard, she is currently in UPTH. The man
intending to marry took off on hearing her condition. The
compound where the Okada guy lived is deserted as policeman
went for Mass arrest and some escaped.


  1. Obsessed bastard

  2. Ok

  3. So sad

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